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The MoP version of the Spreadsheet is currently in closed BETA phase. I promise you it will be worlds ahead of any current tool on the internet for DPS Warriors. Your wait is worth it. Here's what you can look forward to upon its completion:

  • Streamlined interface
  • Instant battle.net character upload
  • Character profile and combat profile storage
  • Game-synonymous character sheet
  • Full glyph, talent, race, consumable, enchant, and profession freedom
  • Automatic reforging and quick gemming
  • Complete 5.2 item bank w/ set bonuses, generic scoring, and sorting
  • Comprehensive ability damage calculator and rage dump equator
  • Full multi-combat simulation
  • Arms and Fury both fully supported
I had originally planned for a pre-5.2 release, but it may be delayed a few weeks due to the abruptness of the 5.2 release. After initial public release of the spreadsheet, you can expect continual updating. Here are some of the things I have planned:

  • Increased tuning of combat simulation logic
  • Automatic or custom combat settings
  • Combat simulation Parsing
  • Combat simulation Statistical Analysis
  • Item comparison tool
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As always, the spreadsheet will be free. By donating at least ten dollars to this project by going here, you will receive access to my Theorycrafitng and Guide blog: The Compendium, as my thanks to you!

This is the product of the need for a user-friendly and accurate DPS calculation and gear selection tool, more than four years of use and comments from players just like you, and more than four years of excel wizardry experience. The main goal of this project is to offer the most accurate, reliable, and useful tool on the internet, period.

Please be sure to read the directions on the intro page in full and familiarize yourself and play with the program before you respond with feedback or questions. The spreadsheet is only compatible with and designed in Microsoft Excel. Please do not try to use them with Google Docs, Open Office, or any other spreadsheet program for they will not work. This spreadsheet utilizes the extensive programming tools VBA provides and you must have permission to enable macros. Visit this <> for your particular version of Excel.

For feedback, general discussion, posting of bugs, or suggestions, please proceed to <> and post in the spreadsheet thread.

How to get this to work:

  • Get Excel '03 or higher. Some cracked, trial, or older versions' limitations may not tolerate the code properly.
  • Download the spreadsheet file.
  • Open it and configure Excel based on the directions on the first page before you get started.
  • Read and understand what's on the first page
  • Play with it!

Version Changelog

The current downloadable version below is the older Cataclysm version. Please wait for public release for the MOP version ....
You will be able to download in seconds